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The Little Moments

I used the following Scrap Girls products:

Up at the Villa Collection Biggie

Lettering Delights Slender Font

Brush Set: Life Quotes 1



It's the little moments that make life BIG


This layout is a sample from the class "Mastering Brushes in PSE." It is an example of using a brush as an eraser.

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Oh this is sooo lovely. Gotta add this to my favorites for later reference.

LOVE the colors and that wide picture and how soft it all looks.

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glad you like it, Charlene! the picture is actually two pictures that I blended together (I couldn't get all of the kids in one frame from the angle I was at). To make it look soft, I filled a rectangle the same size as the picture with white, then I reduced the opacity of the picture layer to give it the washed out look. :D

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Thanks for the tips.

It is soooo pleasant to look at.

Of course, the brush work you are surely demonstrating looks great too.

(The word art brush in eraser mode, right?)


It's something I want to keep coming back to gaze at...so pleasant!


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This is awesome Anna! I don't think all these are your children though...could they be from church?


Two of the kids are mine, and the rest are cousins. We were taking extended family pictures, and all of the kids were taking a break, sitting by the little creek. :D I thought it was a cute photo op, but I couldn't get all of them in the same picture so I took two and blended them together.

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Wow - I didn't even know that the blending thing was an option! I'll have to try this out. Thanks for sharing and your layout is great!

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Leisa, if you are using PSE, I teach a class on using Layer Masks. That's what I used to blend the pictures. If you are interested, watch for it in the News Letter. I'll probably run it again in January.

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