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No Fear

No Fear

This is my 2 year old grandson leading the way on our trip through the zoo. He had been there a couple times this summer and knew exactly where he wanted to go and always led the way, never looking back to see if I was near. Last year, he stuck to me like glue. This year, he has No Fear.

I used Yesterday's Child by Syndee Nuckles.

Thanks for looking.

Debbie F.

    Oooo, this is great. I love the colors of the papers...and I LOVE the coloring in the picture.
    Lead on young man, lead on. lol So cute.
    I love everything about this layout!
    I adore pictures of kids taken from behind! Whar a cutie! Love how your journalling really tells the story.
    How adorable Debbie! I love the papers you used and that photo is just so precious!
    This is so cute! I just got some pictures of my little guys back - might have to use your example for my own layout!
    Wonderful layout. It is so much fun watching them learn and grow.