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SLC Friends

The convention was so much fun! I can't wait till next year.

Vaughnde - in case you are wondering about that pink sweatshirt you don't remember borrowing, it was complements of Photoshop. (LOL!) I recolored your sweatshirt slightly to fit the layout a little better. Hope you don't mind!


All supplies are in the metadata, and some of the pictures came from others at the convention but I don't know who took what. If you recognize a picture as yours, send me a pm and and I'll add it to the file info.

All supplies in meta data.

Photo Information for SLC Friends

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Oh! I love it! What great memories from the convention. I especially love your hand coming out of one of the photos (I almost missed it)...very clever!


You did a fabulous job. I love all of the photos on the page, it really conveys the fun and joy going on there!

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Yay Amy! We had so much fun. Your pics are pretty close to the same ones I have. Same happy, smiling faces to go with happy, smiling hearts. What a great time. can't wait to see you and your Mr. Amy again.

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Awww, this looks great.

I had to laugh about you recoloring Vaughnde's sweatshirt. lol

It had me thinking that next year they should impliment a dress code. Just black, white, and purple...so all the pictures blend well with each other. :rofl: J/K

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I was a stay at homer of course but I enjoy seeing all the happy faces and the fun time everyone had. What a great layout Amy. I wish we'd had more time to talk about this when I was out there. I love your oob hand popping out to wave.

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