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Lemon Bars


© SBrandelius 2008

Lemon Bars

What a great group of cards!

I put a little lipstick smack on the page for the yummy sweet tartness ;-)

These lemon bars disappear quickly at parties and sell-out at bake sales - Enjoy!

WaterLO Project ITT corkboard
CARLS 220 notebook
Flergs Love Actually kiss
Gunhilde rubber band
"Worn Spots Cap Alpha" recolored
"Citrons" lemons
"Cookie Sheet"
font: Madison (14pt, hope it's legible!)

    Wonderful Card! I just love lemon bars. Don't think my husband would let me make anything but his mother's recipe, ;) Love the fresh tart looking lemons and the cork background. Looks great!
    Love this, its just so....so...Lemony! :) I really like the cork board and how you used the notebook for the recipe! Outstanding!!
    Yummy Stephanie! This looks Wonderful!
    Such a cute card! I also really like the cork board and the bookmark string is great! Sounds tasty, too!!
    This recipe looks great. I love the lemons you placed in the layout and the way you put the recipe in the book. Great card!
    Clever! Looks lip-smacking good! Love the card!
    Looks beautiful!
    OK, OK, you've just hit my week spot. My mouth is watering and the card doesn't help at all. :P

    Now to run out and make a batch. Sorry family, not sharing!!!!

    What are the 5 pounds put on before the holidays called?

    Test pounds? ROFL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Test pounds? Wow, I've been side swiped by test pound accumulation. Darn, 'cause this recipe looks fabulous. The recipe card is gorgeous too. I love the corkboard; the lemons and the swirl.
    I had to come back to your card. My mouth is still watering.

    The card is so lovely and since yellow and lemons are some of my favorites I am drawn to the card.

    Every little detail is appealing. The color, lemon, swirl and the pucker.