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Chili Cheese Dip

Chili Cheese Dip

This is a simple and tasty appetizer. Family and friends enjoy the dish. The recipe can also be made ahead and frozen. If in a pinch for time, microwave the dish.


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    Love all the fall colors. This sounds really good!
    What an awesome card! Love the colors!
    Love that striped background and how you used the gourds. Nicely done!
    What a beautiful card AND the recipe looks delicious!
    I like the colors and embellishments. Sounds easy.
    Oh my goodness!! I LOOOOOVE tortilla chip dips! I am SOOOO making this very soon.

    I like this whole card, but my favorite is the "yummy." TFS!!
    Mmmmm, this sounds great. I love the vellum look and how you angled the two parts of the recipe. Your "yummy" words is perfect.
    Great card and great recipe. Thanks.
    Love the stripes and the words on the vellum!
    I love the colors-perfect for a Mexican dish. And sounds perfectly easy, too!