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Ruby Red - People Chow

Ruby Red - People Chow

This is quick, easy and tasty. I have used up cereal, etc, left from Chex Mix for this.
Kit - Granny's Pudding by Meryl Bartho
Font - Rage Italic

    My sweet tooth is a calling. Yum! This would be good for my Daisy scouts to make!

    The LO is so authentic and looks like something my Grandma would have passed down to me.


    How COOL! This is different than the normal Chex Mix we usually make :) I like your layout too.
    Sounds yummy and I love the green checkered cloth paper.
    This is my kind of chex mix. ;) I like how you used that clip with the little heart. Very cute card!
    What a beautiful card AND the recipe looks so sweetly delicious!
    Cute title. The recipe sounds delicious, and I like your card.
    Super cute card! I love how you used a "traditional" card on top of the checked paper.

    This looks so simple and yummy!! DH would love me forever if I made him some of this. LOL
    I love your card; it is shadowed perfectly. The paper clip is adorable.
    What a cute card - it actually looks old. Sounds like a great recipe for grandkids.
    I have one similar to this, but we call it WHITE TRASH!! It is delicious!! (and addictive)

    Love the gingham background.