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11-8-08 Marmalade Cheese Tarts


© Vaughnde Edwards

11-8-08 Marmalade Cheese Tarts

SNU SSDLT 4x6 Lets Brag 2
VRA Avalon
Cricket Font


    Wow, looks yummy, Sounds yummy, Just may have to break out the rolling pin.
    Wow Vaughnde you are definitely on a roll here! What a beautiful card and this recipe really looks yummy!
    Marmalade and cheese? This recipe is intriguing, Vaughnde! I really like how you laid out this page!
    You are just going to town with all these recipes!! :D This sounds interesting - may have to try it!
    Beautiful card. Sounds like an interesting combination of flavors. I'll have to try it.
    I really like the layout of this card and the colors are really nice. I love cheese in anything, so I definitely will try this one.
    I see a siege of baking in my future! This sounds positively scrumptious. Lovely card, too!
    Sounds yummy!! I love the layout and the colors you used!
    Such a cute card and I love the photo! Sounds really interesting ~ can't wait to try them out!
    Looks great--and the LO is so fun!