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Nothing gets easier than this! And it's popular with everyone.

I used:

Chile pepper clip art from clip art guide

    Love the title font and the peppers! So cute!! Great recipe too!
    Yummy! Love your peppers. And I'm all about easy. Great recipe card.
    What a cute card! Yummy recipe.
    This recipe will probably go down in history as one of the greatest, most used recipes ever. Your card is absolutely perfect for this recipe.
    Ann what a Pretty Card - AND this looks like such an easy - yummy recipe!
    Love the title and the chilis. Very cute card.
    I love those chili peppers! What a great card.
    WOW Ann! I love your card! Love the look of the Peppers and that FONT is awesome!
    Those chili peppers are too cute! What a fun card!
    Fast and Easy-my favorite! sounds really good! And what a great fun card, too!