Other images in Military Families

A Man of Honor

background paper, EHI_Destinations_PaperSpecial2_Blue (as close to Infantry Blue as I could find)

fonts, Stencil (as close to "Army" as I could find) and Comic Sans MS

Veterans Day Challenge


This is a tribute to my DH.

  Report Image


My heart goea out to all the families and individuals that have to deal with horrible after effect whether physical or emotional! God Bless them! How wonderful to honor such a man as this! Wonderful LO!

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He is deserving of Honor. Nice tribute to him and you deserve a tribute too as the wives often have their share of things to deal with as well. Thank you to both of you.

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A great tribute to both of you as you've both made sacrifices these 33 years. 33 - WOW!

I like your cascade of photos with the journal fitting into them.

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