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Caramalized onion/apple Bites

Caramalized onion/apple Bites

Another one, hoping I have time to get all the others done by Friday!

I used:

MRE_DynamicBrush_Straight Stitch
CBA_SSTools_Styles_Grunged Metals

    Ann This sounds like a wonderful savory appetizer! I'll have to try it sometime!
    Ann this is beautiful..and eye catcher and a mouth catcher..LOL I am lovin all ya'll recipes in the gallery..I'm snagging this one!

    This sounds yummy! Very nice recipe card layout! Thanks for sharing.
    Yummy! Great recipe card, I especially like the bottoms- cute touch!
    Love this card. I especially love the effect on the title font! Great job and TFS.
    Wow Ann, this card is beautiful. Sounds delicious too. Puff pastry appetizers are so fun. Thanks!
    I love the metalic look on your card and your recipe sounds yummy.

    I love the stitching...looks so real! Thanks for sharing this recipe!
    I love the look of the card, and interesting flavor combinations.