Baby Sunshine

This is my first post in quite a while! And my first of our new baby. If you haven't read the message board, my son didn't want to call her Haley. So when asked what her name is, he told us "Baby Sunshine."


Supplies I used:

KSC Vintage Nursery paper and zoom flower

VRA Altered State lace

TCS All About Marriage paper

DMI Bridal alpha

LDE Warm Heart font

BHA Blossoms and Blooms Summer flowers

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This is darling Jenny! She really looks like a ray of sunshine. With a new baby, it's no wonder you haven't posted in awhile. I'll look forward to seeing more layouts of your darling little one.

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Oh how pretty and she does look like a "Baby Sunshine"! With the sun shining on her beautiful smiling cute little face! He got it right and so did you with your LO!! Congrats too!

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Beautiful layout and beautiful baby! I noticed that you used the VRA altered state lace three times in three different colors. That is a really neat idea!

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It doesn't get much sweeter than that. What a wonderful picture of Baby Sunshine. Love the story that goes with this. The layout is just fantastic. I love the stacked photos, the strip, the colors, it just all flows so well. Nice.

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