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I used the following Scrap Girls product:
Lettering Delights Slender Font
Farmers Bounty Collection
Brush Set: Grungelle
Day to Day Life Collection Biggie
Brush Set: Edging 1 Grunge

Mommy, I be a cowboy, ok?

Funny story behind the picture:
For several months before Halloween, my son kept saying that he wanted to be a dinosaur. He talked about it constantly. So, a few weeks before Halloween, I found him the perfect costume. He LOVED it. Until one night, he had an awful nightmare. He woke up crying about the monster that was chasing him and eating his toes. From then on, he refused to be in the same room as that costume. Finally, a week before Halloween, we had a party to go to, and he wouldn't wear his costume. So, I dug through the closet and the dress up box, and found the fixin's for a cowboy. It was last minute, but he was thrilled. He hauled his stick horse around, wore the hat, happy as could be. He kept saying "Mommy, I be a cowboy, k?"

This layout is a sample from the class "Mastering Brushes in PSE." It is an example of using a grungy edge brush to soften and blend the edges of a photo.

    I love this! What a great blending job! You picked the perfect paper and elements for the darling cowboy picture. Very sweet LO!
    Love this Anna! Such a cute photo and a great paper to blend it to! :)
    Wow Anna it really turned out great!
    Awesome layout! You did a wonderful job with the photo blending technique!
    Super! I love that photo - what a cutie pie!
    Amazing! I love everything about this and it just went straight to my favorites.
    He makes a great cowboy! You did a wonderful job on the blending too!
    What a great photo and you've done a fantastic job at blending the photo. Your choice of BG and then the grungy blending make this feel perfectly cowboy. Wonderful job. Can't say enough how much I really love this LO. Perfect.
    Great story! The photo overlay and the rich tones are beautiful together.
    Beautiful blending of a gorgeous photo. Love the colors!