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© Kaye Collins


I really love this set and I was looking to make a quick LO that I could display for the holiday season. I had this printed at 12x12 and then I attached it to a ceramic tile after roughing up the edges. A coat of epoxy made it look really professional. So, I guess this would qualify as "paper crafting." Hmm. . .

The real point of this LO was to speak directly to my children about one of their strengths. Too often I am telling them how they are lacking. . . and I wanted to build them up in a very beautiful and permanent way.

Everything here is from Durin Eberhardt's most awesome Character Collection (I wasn't feeling like I needed to mix and match when this set is SO fabulous!) The tie on the tag hanging from the C is an original by moi. Font- TXT Monique


Character (noun) the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.

Colby- I love the way you fulfill your Priesthood duties without complaint and how you are such a loyal friend.
Parker- You are able to understand people and are sensitive to their feelings. This is a gift that will serve you well.
Reed- Your competitive spirit spurs you to always try hard at everything you do. Perseverence is a great quality.
I am proud of all of you!

    This is so wonderful. I love how you laid out your elements. The journaling is sweet & touching. What a great momento.
    That's wonderful! I love how you described what you did with this. It's great on its own...but on the ceramic tile, I bet it's just awesome.
    Kaye, this is an outstanding LO. I love the way you layered all the papers and elements you used on here. Isn’t this a great collection? I love the fact that you made this for your boys (two of which, as I remember, are Eagle Scouts). Too often we reprimand or correct them for what they do wrong – it is not often enough that they are “caught in the act” of doing the right thing. I remember one year I decided to buy a masculine looking journal, and starting in January I began to journal all the wonderful things about my teenage son. I did this at a minimum of once a week – sometimes it was daily. Then I wrapped that journal up and tucked it into his Christmas stocking … oh the look on his face as he started to read so many positive things about himself from his mom’s point of view. It was like giving him a love letter – a boost of confidence! I pray your gift to your boys is as well received and treasured!!
    This is gorgeous Kaye! Wonderful journaling.
    First, I wanted to say thank you for reminding me to work on encouraging my boys and speaking out about the things they do well. It's especially easy as toddlers to catch myself saying "No." constantly...

    Second - this LO is stunning. I never would've thought about putting an entire LO on a 12x12 tile!!! I've seen smaller tiles, but a big one is a great idea!!!
    This has a lovely "old-comfy-book" feel to it. I love it!

    Nice to see a layout done with one set - I've not noticed any like that before.

    I think we, as parents, sometimes forget to reward the positive as we are so busy making sure they don't fall victim to the negative!

    Thank You for sharing this!
    Kaye, You've done a wonderful LO and it's so easy to get caught up in the "correcting" of our children! They so need to hear
    what you like about them and Look at the BEAUTIFUL way you did this :D I love everything about this as I know your kids will
    You're such a good mom! This is a wonderful tribute to your sons and a loving reminder of how proud you are of them. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)
    Very touching and beautiful Kaye! I love what you have done here for your sons. They will cherish it (and YOU) for years to come! TFS with all of us!
    I love all the embellishments you choose, and your journaling too! Great LO to your kids, TFS.