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Christmas postcard

Christmas postcard

PSE6 & Vista, using the Malibu Holiday collection.

When I made this, I was playing with Blending Modes and didn't intend to keep it, but since dh said he liked it, I guess it's a keeper.

    I agree with DH, Grace, it's definitely a keeper! Nice job on the blending and the swirls.
    Definitely a keeper. I may even lift this idea!!!
    WOW This is absolutely Gorgeous Grace! Definetly a keeper!!
    Beautiful! Sometimes really great stuff comes out of just playing around -- this is a perfect example.
    I think it's a keeper too. I love the beveled styles on there. It looks so touchable. Really nice Grace. Nice job blending.

    Definitely a keeper! I love the deep colors and the beautiful swirls. Sometimes our best things are created when we're just being free and playing, I think!
    I love the simplicity of this, and I like the effect you have on the swirl.