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Learning hurts!

Learning hurts!

Bai is our, I want to do it all kid. The rougher the sport the more she likes it. She loves her skateboard. Next year she is going to tackle football.

I used:

DEB XtremeTeen Skate
ASO SStools Styles Paintedplastic 6401

    Cool colors here. I like the blended picture and the action shots.
    Great scrapbook page. I like the blended backround and your photo frames.
    Good for her!!! Love hearing about girls who aren't afraid to tackle traditionally boy sports! This page is great - bold and full of life!
    Sk8r Gurls Rock! (I speak teen). lol. Love this page, its so bright, the blended photo is awesome, and I really like the way you used the Painted Plastic style on your title! Awesome!!
    Great contemporary layout.Lovely colour palette
    Go, Bailey. go. Love those shots. Do you have a good orthopedic surgeon?
    Awesome Page! I got chills up my spine seeing the photos though....I'm the type that freaks first and then is calm after...silly me!