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Sometimes it's the little things...




papers, ribbons, word art, flowers are all from November's beautiful kit, Durin Eberhart's Character Collection Biggie


brushes - KVE 3rd & 4th Quarter

frames - JHI Old Photos

tag - KSC Upcycle

fonts - Gatsby FLF; Kartika




I was folding laundry the other day, and putting my husband’s away in his dresser when a thought that often strikes me as I do this chore occurred to me again. Normally there is no one there to hear my thoughts, but on this rare occasion my husband was relaxing on the bed, having just arrived home from work. So I shared my thought aloud.


“Do you ever think how amazing it is that your clothes magically reappear in your closet after you put them in the laundry?”


My husband is pretty quick on his feet, even when he’s not on his feet, and without missing a beat he replied, “Yes I do. Do you ever think how amazing it is that the car’s gas tank magically fills up with gas whenever it gets close to empty?”


“Of course,” was my reply, “I love that bottomless tank!”


Marriage is often said to be give and take, 50/50, but I disagree. Marriage should be 100/100, each partner giving 100% regardless of the other’s input. Rather than “give and take” it should be “give and appreciate.” Give, regardless of what is, or is not, given in return, appreciating all that your husband (or wife) gives as well.


Even the little things like your clothes magically reappearing in your closet or the gas tank magically never needing to be filled.

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Oh that journaling is fantastic. I'm putting in my favs just for that! I love you DH's answer to your question! And you are right about the 100/100%! Love the statement 'give and appreciate'! Wonderful LO!!

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I've got to share this with DH, its wonderful! Fantastic journaling, and a beautiful layout too might I add! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Well, this is just about one of the best pieces of journaling I've seen. So true. What a fantastic LO to mark this approach to marriage. Well done.

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Wonderful! How awesome to create a layout based on a conversation...........and what a great reminder too, of what marriage is all about. Great job!

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This is a great perspective you've scrapped. What a wonderful gift this lesson will be to your children.

I love the homeyness of your colors and papers. I especially love the journaling strips off of the boy & girl tag.

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This is just one of my favorite journalings that I've seen, and I love how it fits with the collection. Such wisdom, and you did such a great job of scrapping it. It's going into my favorites; thanks so much for sharing.

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I absolutely LOVE This! Love your thought and conversation and I totally agree on marriage! Must be why my parents have been married almost 50 years now! The love I see them share gets more precious each year.

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