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Phonic sound cards

Phonic sound cards

I made these up for my son who is in his first year at primary school.

I used contents from several kits, including:


Appologies to anyone whos kit I have forgotten to mention.

    This is awesome. What a fabulous idea. I am so excited that you found a way to make reading personal for him. You rock.
    That is a fantastic idea!!! I might have to copy your idea... perfect for my lil zoey!!! this is going to my favorites
    These are amazing Angela. He'll learn really fast with these.
    How creative! I love it!
    This is such a great idea, Angela ... your little munchkin is so blessed to have such a clever mummy!
    Angela what an exciting and clever way for you little man to learn. These are wonderful. I would have loved to have had these when I was learning to read!! :disappearing-smilie: (45yrs ago!!)
    Angela these are way cool! What a fun way for Grant and Phillip to learn! Cute cards!
    Great idea! I'm on the alphabet, basic sounds, and capitals versus lower case with my youngest kiddos, so I'll be lifting your idea in the near future!
    Angela they look brilliant.There will be lots of mothers wanting these