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Learning Hurts!!!

Learning Hurts!!!

Bai is our, I want to do it all kid. The rougher the sport the more she likes it. She loves her skateboard. Next year she is going to tackle football.

I used:

DEB XtremeTeen Skate
ASO SStools Styles Paintedplastic 6401

    I like the way you placed the column of photos and the overlay on the left. Very cute. And such a brave girl!
    I love all the graphic extreme teen in action feel in this - the great color gradient on your blended background shot, the super graphic frames down the left, and all the bits of black to anchor it. Teen Cool Dude!
    This LO does such a great job of capturing that adolescent sense of invincibility! Lots of energy, determination, fun. I especially like the background blended with her photo.
    I like how you did the background and the title. Great colors for a teen layout.
    Tammy what a cool layout! I love your blended photo background, your title AND I love the way you framed Bailey's awesome photos! Woohoo GO Bailey!
    This is very cool. I love the photo blended with the background and the cool sweep of colors. Neat frames on the little photos.