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My grandson with Cystic Fibrosis received his dream wish from Make A Wish several years ago-- a Kawasaki Motocross motorcycle. He lives for Motocross and does very well.

His race name is Turtle boy.

The picture in the middle with Zach is Travis Pastrama-- a world class racer who came to visit Utah last year. Zach was thrilled to meet him. Pastrana was wonderful posing with all of the racers who wanted to meet him and signing autographs on shirts, motorcycles, helmets and paper.

My granddaughter started racing two years ago and really enjoys it, too.

For the layout I used:

The Chopper Collection by Valerie Randall-- I adapted the paper and the tag

The frames are CFR_BLP_FrameScallopedGrungy which don't seem to be available anymore at scrapgirls.


The font is BLAZED

    What an incredible layout for this memory! Thank you for sharing it!
    Wow, I'm impressed with all that is going on here. This layout has so many nice features its hard to pick one or two. Love that you have lots of pictures, Love the border around the edges that encompasses and makes it all one, love the blending, and really its just a great layout. I really enjoyed your creativity on this.
    wow! 9 photos and it looks great! you did a great job featuring him!! 31 is a very good and lucky number.

    GREAT job of making this all work together. I really like the metallic gray/black contrasted with the yellow accents in the pictures and the way it all blends together. Wonderful LO to memorialize this experience!
    I love the way you got all of these pictures into 1 layout :) Great collage.
    Incredable!!this is totally different to what we are used to
    but ver nice"change of spice does good'hahaha
    Wondeful layout. You did a great job combining so many different photos.
    such a bold handsome young man! Lovely LO!
    What an amazing layout! So many photos, so much activity, but it doesn't seem cluttered. This is one of those layouts that you just want to study so you don't miss any of the details. You did a terrific job on the photo blending andf extraction.
    What a great amount of work you have done on this one. The extraction is great and just the balance of the whole LO is great. So much to keep you looking. And what a great excitement for young "Turtle Boy" Thanks for sharing this with us!!