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I used the following Scrap Girls products:

Playful Collection

Day to Day Life Collection Biggie

Feeling Free Collection

Brush Set: Chillin

Mastering Brushes for Photoshop Elements



quirky. in a word, that sums me up pretty well. I love to swing - we don't go to the park for the kids. we go for me!

Other quirk-isms. Love fruit, love chocolate, but not combined. Love to sleep with two down comforters, but my feet and arms must be uncovered. Don't eat meat, except bacon! love to talk on the phone, but hate calling people. Yup - quirky. That's me!



Quirk´y Pronunciation: kwẽrk´ŷ

Noun: Full of quirks; abnormal, idiosyncrasy,

dotty, eccentric, nutty, unconventional, wacky


This layout is a sample from the class "Mastering Brushes in PSE." It is an example of using a handwriting sample as a brush. It is also a self portrait.

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ROFL, quirky is good! Oh, and I'm the same way with my covers, it freaks me out to not have my feet covered, ugh, I can't stand it! Such a fun and playfull layout!

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We should have a quirky convention.....I would be the first to sign up. This is an absolutely delightful layout! Into my favorites file it goes.

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Fun layout and photo! I think most of us here probably fall into the 'quirky' category....it's why we get along so well! :)

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This is such a fun lighthearted layout. I read all about it and then scrolled up to see who made it. I was not surprised to see it was you Anna. Its just a cool layout but I will never figure out how you got that picture. Love the journaling and all the fun stuff you have going on here.

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