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This is the campaign poster my oldest dd made for the mock elections they're doing in her class to go with their unit on democracy. I just had to share, as it was completely under her own steam. I actually didn't know she had done it til I opened my organizer & there it was. I know I recognize the stuff, but I can't quite remember which collection they came from - one of my school one's I think.

    That is too funny! She's a natural, though! Watch out!
    I think you have another junior scrapgirl in your house. My 10 yr old GD would scrap all the time if I'd let her. And her photography skills are growing pretty quickly too. I'm starting to use her pictures in my LOs. Your DD did a great job.
    Very cute page! Love the circles and stars. Looks to me like she used Angie Briggs Commotion Collection. She did a great job!
    She did great!

    My boys like to play on PSEs too, but they do things like add extra eyes to people's foreheads, and turn their faces green. :) I will have to wait until DD gets a bit older to share an interest in the actual scrapbooking part of it.
    Wow! This is great. I love that she did it on the sly! I bet it's one of the better campaign posters in her class!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Isn't that terrific! It's a great poster and she did it all by herself!
    WTG DD!! What a great job and my vote is for YOU! How darling!
    :rofl: This is Fantastic! WTG DD! You are gonna have to get her her own PSE and computer before too long Sheri!
    She did fabulous! This "layout" caught my eye in the gallery right away! She's a natural!
    Oh, there goes your Photoshop time!! She's got talent, like her mother!