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Miley's First Ornament

Miley's First Ornament

Journaling reads:
Mom & I started the tradition in the early 80's to get a new dated ornament each year. We try to find something appropriate to the year. This is my first time as Miley's OMA to begin the tradition for her. We found this fun 1st Christmas ornament with a teddy bear and little red ball. It had the lively feel that our sweet Miley has. Christmas, 2007.

    What a truely beautiful layout with such a wonderful story behind it. I love the photo of Miley in the upper left corner. You have done a great layout. Thanks for sharing.
    Such a sweet, fun layout! I know it will become just as treasured as Miley's first ornament! Love the blending of her photo in the upper left corner! Bright colors, fun shapes. She'll love it.
    Just precious! I love that other people do this, too. My mom and dad always did it for me, while I was growing up. The ornament didn't always have the date already on it, but my mom made sure to Mr. Sharpie it on for me. :) Those ornaments bring some of the most joy to me now!

    Your LO is wonderful - the blending of Miley's face into the background is done really well, and the page is so bright and cheerful - like Miley, I'm sure! :D
    Incredible layout and I love the colors you chose! She is a darling! It is really neat to hear that Miley will call you Oma. I have learned recently that this is a dutch word and I think it is sweet.
    Fun Layout! I love the bright non traditional colors, and what a sweet baby. Are you Oma? You don't seem old enough to be a grandmother!
    This is such a sweet LO, I like those girly, non-traditional Christmas colors! I really like the focus in opposite corners - and of course the glitter!

    I thought Oma was Korean for Grandmother - is it Dutch also?
    How Sweet PattyAnne! I didn't think you were old enough to be a Grandma either but Miley is so darn cute! What am I talking about...I'm a young grammy as well :D

    Oma comes from a lot of Countries...German, Dutch, Korean, etc...its amazing how the language has travelled :D