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Album Cover

I needed a photo for the space on the cover of the album I'm giving my mother-in-law for Christmas. I had put off looking for one and then on Monday I discovered these beautiful book plates with my mid-December kit! Thank you, Erica, for anticipating my needs so precisely!


Under "With Love" I added "To Oma and Opa", coloured the background a green to match the grass in the photo and then blended the edges of the photos out with Brandie's Well Worn brushes, and Voila!


To make the text and border this rich dark red I first coloured them red with the paint bucket tool (not the easiest way, but the enhance colour techniques weren't working for me) and then applied the "Multiply" blend mode. I like the almost burnt appearance this gives.


I also had to squish the border a bit to make it more square, and then when the whole thing was finished I sized it to the 4.25 x 4 inches of the photo "hole" in the album cover.




EHI Antique Bookplates; BVA Well Worn Brush Set; Small Font

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Neat! I like the simplicity of the LO. The photo is wonderful, too. Using the idea of an album cover is a great idea. The green adds to the grass in the background.

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