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Budding Photographer

Combines pages 1 and 2 from my Holiday Hoopla entries for tasks 8 and 15.


My DS loves cameras, probably because me or my dad constantly has one in hand. The best gift he's gotten,(given by us) is his camera. He loves it!

The three photos were taken by my DS with the little camera he's holding in the photo from Task 8. Since he took the photos, I love them and I'm one very proud mama!


Supplies I used:

BMU Ephemera Alpha

BHA Abstract Express. ribbon folds

BMU HS edge torn comp paper

TCS GraphX Concentric paper

GHU Tooth Fairy Fun Spec. 3 Custard paper

photo corners by Anita Stergiou

AMC Brag Book journal block

SNU Photographic Frame Spec.

ribboon and brads by Carrie Stephens

font by me (my writing, digitized for free at Your Fonts Dot Com)

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