This christmas has been so lovely with the twins so much more aware of father christmas. Everywhere we went there he was and they kept telling him they wanted a henry hoover with a plug! I think in the end they were starting to think he would never give them one!


Journalling reads:


This is the first year that the twins have really understood a little of what christmas is all about. They have been patiently waiting for father christmas to come and bring their Henry hooveers It was getting really tricky though when after seeing at least 5 different father christmas’s they were wondering when they were actually going to get their presents. It was worth the wait though especially to see their faces on chrstmas morning. A joy to behold for everyone. The big kids didn’t do so bad either!.


Supplies in the details.



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Love the cluster of photos in the center, and the bright white contrasted with the red. Very festive! The green accents are wonderful too, as is the journaling path. Wonderful LO.

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