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The Sweetest Thing 2008 Jan Layout contest

The Sweetest Thing 2008 Jan Layout contest

Well, this is my first time to do a layout contest, hope it's good enough!

Amanda Sok 'SS Tools - Actions: 6401 Micro Glitter Super Biggie': brown
Valerie Randall 'Avalon Collection Biggie': staple3 silver shadowed
Keri Schueller 'Afterglow Collection Biggie': frame green
Keri Schueller 'Legacy Collection Biggie': grunge cream paper
Kitty Chen 'Magical Swirls 4'
Susie's hand and Century Gothic fonts

My favorite moment of 2008 could have been any number of things. My eldest daughter turned one, we bought a house, we had a second daughter. Any one of these would be acceptable and even expected. My favorite moment, however, isn't quite so obvious. My favorite moment was when you came home to me. Seven days after you were born I was diagnosed with chicken pox. I was heartbroken upon finding out, because not only was I supposed to stay away from you for at least a week, but you had a 90% chance to get this virus, which is potentially fatal to newborns. Every moment of every day was agony, with me aching to hold you, praying I hadn't killed you. The only way I got by was the thought that Mimi and Papa were taking care of you, and would notice immediately should any spots arrive. Miraculously, you didn't develop chicken pox, and thirteen days later you were able to come home. I have cherished every moment since then, with each moment sweeter with the knowledge of being without you. 10.12.2008, 5 weeks old.

    Fabulous journaling and what a difficult time that must have been for you. Gives me a glimpse of how my mother must have felt when I got the German measles at 6 weeks old. (She had them too) Such a cute little photo- I like how you've framed it with the swirls. Sweet page!
    What a precious page! Your baby is adorable and your journaling...priceless!
    wonderful lo and so glad the story has such a happy ending.... great job on the journaling
    I love this layout. The background paper, the swirls and heart embellishments . . . it looks great. The picture and the story are very sweet too.
    Man, you just brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine having to be apart from your precious newborn like that.
    My guys had to stay in the hospital for 7 weeks. But, that meant I practically lived there.

    Sweet layout. I love the story/thoughts you are capturing.
    I joined Charlene, I have tears in my eyes also. Such a sweet page and your journaling is prefect. I couldn't imagine what you went through being away from your precious baby for so long and being worried about her health on top of it. Thankfully, you got a happy ending.
    WOW...Your Journaling is priceless and I just know how you feel. I didn't have the chicken pox but I had the now rare milk fever that can kill a mother...and my mom and grams took care of Naomi.
    I'm glad you were reunited with your daughter and she is indeed precious.
    Wow brought tears to my eyes, when your daughter gets older and reads that the love she will know will be incredible! First lo contest? You should definitely do more I love it.
    This is wonderful! I'm so glad that everything worked out for you and your family.
    This is so sweet! The journaling, the colors, the picture. Wonderfully done.