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Crock-Pot Veggie Lasagna


© Sara Peterson

Crock-Pot Veggie Lasagna

We are vegetarians so I was shocked to find this recipe in a magazine. It has become a standby. This is the recipe as I found it, but it is so easy to substitute other ingredients and goes together so fast. If you want to add meat I would recommend pre-cooking it.

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    So bright and cheery! I love that you used the push pins with menu sheet and placed it on top of the sunflower background. Oh and your recipe sounds yummy too! lol
    That does sound yummy! And your card is so beautiful, too! Love the sunflowers!
    Love the card. Makes me forget that it is winter! The recipe sounds great! I never would have thought to do lasagna in a crokpot. TFS
    What a great looking card! I have a recipe for crockpot lasagna, too and almost used it for this challenge! Glad I didn't because I know my card wouldn't look as cute as this one!
    Sara this is Yummy! At least we'd get our vegetables in :D I'll definitely try it both with and without meat :D
    Sounds yummy, and a great way to use up some surplus zucchini in the summer!
    What a cute card! I love all the sunflowers. This recipe looks great. Of course, at my house we'd have to have meat, but I think a little chicken thrown in would be good. My DH thinks meat has to be at every meal. Great card!
    Love the materials you used on the card, especially numbering the instructions. I've just re-discovered lasagna and I'll have to give this one a try too.
    A definite must try for me! I love lasagna!
    What a cute card! Love the wrinkly paper. And the recipe sounds yummy!