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Sleeping Synoma May 2006 - Saturday Color Challenge

Sleeping Synoma May 2006 - Saturday Color Challenge

Thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes you start LOs & you have an idea of what you want but it just doesn't come together... well that was this one. It ended up fine, but not at all what I was going for. But oh isn't she adorable? My little love bug.

Details in file info.
Journaling says: Sleepy Sleepy little babyÖ You must be teething because you fell asleep with your fingers in your mouth. Poor little darling. It must really hurt you & orajel or teething tablets donít seem to do the trick. You wonít take a bottle, or a pacifier & you usually donít suck on your fingers. I guess today is an exception. Oh how precious you are. Such a little angel sleeping away in your carrier. I donít dare tak you out or you will for sure awake. Iíll just take your picture & hope the flash doesnít disturb you. My sweet little Synoma-Sunshine sleeping peacefullyÖ oh I wonder what dreams are passing through your precious little mind?

XOXO :tinkerbell:

    How Precious! She's adorable Tink! I love your journaling too!
    Beautiful page! Beautiful baby! Thanks for joining the challenge!
    So soft & sweet! What a precious baby! Good job on the journaling.