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Funeral board

If you say my post about the funeral board, here is how it turned out.

Thank you to April for helping me.

I am assuming only Scrapgirls products were used.


I know it isn't very formal, but we are not a real formal family.


Everyone was happy with it.

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Looks great, Michelle! You're a special niece to offer to do this and to get it done so nicely. I know the family will treasure it!

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It turned out great! I love the 4x6 layouts - those are so perfect! It fills the space, and makes the little teeny pictures look like they have a lot more substance.

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that's lovely...I read your post and know that you were worried about doing this becausde you had little to work with. You did a GREAT job!

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Well I think it is beautiful. I just saw your thread today and I read through all the suggestions. The board turned out great and it sounds like it was well received.

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The layout looks wonderful! I also don't know the story behind it, but I'm sure it will be much appreciated. Thanks for sharing!

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