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Synoma & Mommy April 2006

Synoma & Mommy April 2006

Here is a picture of me & my first daughter. She was born in December & it was a very cold winter. My DH & I spent the first 3 months of her life basically cuddling with her on our chests.

Details in file info. Filters used on main photo.

Journaling reads: Synoma & Mommy
Being born in December certainly has it's advantages with lots of excuses to cuddle up in blankets on the couch together. Mommy and Daddy spent hours with you snuggled up together with you on our chest. We are enjoying the time now as we know you'll be up & running soon.

XOXO :tinkerbell:

    Darling LO...the soft filter on the main photo works so beautifully....and I love how the small photo pops out. Great work!