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Older version of "one magic day"

This month's contest was possibly to be a reworking of an older LO so I athought I might show the original one that I did some time ago. (I probably should put it in another category). It was much busier than the new one but I still love the expressions on the faces and remember the delight with which they played...


The journaling reads:

We are on a raft, lost at sea. The raft is breaking up & we are surrounded by sharks. Oh no, we are going to have to swim for it...

“Go away sharks!”


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great collection of photos and I like your journaling to complete your story

Thanks Jane, it was fun to go back and look at the old page, as it was a most enjoyable day, on the Australia Day weekend las year.



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Thanks again Vaughnde - this page was the forerunner to the magic carpet ride and I think it shows more of the children's activity but as a scrap page it is a bit too busy. I generally can't help myself when it comes to putting in lots of photos as I get so tangled up with their "joi de vivre".



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