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First Pair of Spurs!

This is for my magazine submission for the end of january.

Erinn had been begging (I mean BEGGING!!) for spurs! When she finally had the chance to borrow some I loved the look of them on her boots. of course she wouldn't stand still for a picture, but in the end her movement made for a nifty angle of the photo. The close ups came from me laying on my belly in the dirt with my macro turned on. The kids thought I was a little nutty. But hey, anything for that perfect shot, huh?


I just submitted this to CK and to DSM, both for general submissions.


Supplies in metadata,


Photo Information for First Pair of Spurs!

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LOL - you really worked for these photos! And it looks like it was worth it! The large photo makes an interesting focal point and the small photos show nice detail. I love the cord woven with the title and how the grungy border pulls everything together.

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Welcome to the family of strange positions to take great shots LOL Love the compo and the colors Amy!! Everthing is beautiful!

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Great photos...welcome those weird looks! The weirder the look, the better the picture! Great composition and I like how you anchored the title to the page. Good luck!

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