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Project 2009

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I was so disappointed when 2008 was coming to a close because the only time we saw pictures from the previous year was when they came up on the screen saver. Catching up with my scrapbooking seemed so daunting. Especially because I've lost 6 months of baby pictures for my youngest daughter. Not to mention 3 kids and various volunteering. So, I decided to make an album of 4x6 photos for each of my girls. I took a Month of Memories Class last year and loved making 4x6 layouts. I was surprised by the fact that I could put 2 or 3 photos on 4x6 photo paper and it looks fantastic! I'm working on week 5 now. The albums hold 2 photos per page. The girls made the "cover" photo for their albums and I made the one underneath coordinate and wrote a letter to them. Sometimes they will come and help me work on their layouts. So far it's going really well. This 12x12 has the girls' cover page and a favorite layout so far.


Materials: Are you ready? Gypsy Boots Collection, Hearth Collection, Paris Pink Collection, Kay Miller's Little Birdy, Cherich Collection, Hardware Embellishements: A Winter Song, A Winter Song Transparency, Icicle Style, Snow and Ice Word Art, 3-D Negative SSET, Kay Miller Goin' Bananas, Blossoms ans Blooms Tropical, Liquid Metals Style, Santa Font, SS Assemble Your Own Zoom 4x6 A Blooming Fancy, Lay It Out SSET and Basic Shadows all over the place!


Above all, I could never have done any of this without Scrap Girls! Everything I have learned about digital scrapbooking comes from Ro's Secrets tutorials, the classes, the message board and the gallery which is the perfect source of inspiration.


Thank You! And I'm very sorry if I've left out an item, I tried really hard to ID everything I used in each of the 6 layouts.

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This is a cool idea. I need to do something like this for my kids. I love the covers and how they are so unique. Great idea.

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