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For Kim (kbt) Left Side

This is for Kim... mother of the 3 pairs of the most beautiful eyes in the world. It took me awhile to stop staring at those eyes long enough to actually scrap these. I loved all the thought she put into her journaling, giving these pictures so much more meaning that her children will cherish and tell her grandchildren about.


I've LOVED Amanda's Euphoria kit for the longest time, but it took these gorgeous children for me to break out this extra special kit. All supplies used:

Swap Crop "Traditions" for Kim (kbt) created using all Scrap Girls products:

Amanda Sok's "Euphoria & Euphoria Solids" Collections

Melissa Renfro's "ScrapSimple Actions: Paper Tears"

Melissa Renfro's "ScrapSimple Embellishments: Lifted Photos: Doubles"

Shalae Tippet's "ScrapSimple Papers: Artistic Edges"

Amanda Sok's "ScrapSimple Styles: MicroGlitter 6401"

Font: 2 Peas Tubby



For as long as I can remember, we have colored eggs at Easter. Gathered around the kitchen table, we would sit for hours and get as elaborate in our decorations as we could. We each decorated our own eggs with our names on them as well. Sometimes when eggs didn’t turn out quite right, they would be nominated for the “Gold” or “Silver” egg. Pop-pop would decide which eggs received these titles and they were labeled. These special eggs held a place of honor worthy of the best hiding places and biggest reward for finding them.


On Easter morning, while we were at church, the Easter Bunny would come and hide all of the eggs. We hunted all over the house! *Somehow* we each managed to find our own eggs and a few others. Pop-pop would sit in the living room in his eagle chair, cross-legged, drinking a Bloody Mary. In his breast pocket was a piece of paper, which no one ever saw. We would straggle in, having found as many eggs as we thought there were. Pop-pop would gently pry as to where we had found them and elude to the fact that there were more. The Gold and Silver egg were always still to be found. Inevitably the first clue was something like…” It’s not too high and not too low, but somewhere in-between” and off we would race. The clues would get more and more specific and the hunt more and more intense. We would look EVERYWHERE! Only the most creative of hunters would find the Golden Egg as the hiding place was always any place but obvious. One time it was found inside the yellow pages, carefully cut out to conceal the egg in the center. Another time it was inside a soup can, bottom removed and carefully replaced. The finder of the egg would receive honors as well as a $5.00 reward.


After Gram and Pop-pop died, we still continued the tradition, even into adulthood. Now with new grandchildren around, their Pop-pop continues to hold the secret clues to the whereabouts of the Gold and Silver eggs. I can only hope that they love the tradition as much as we did.

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What a wondeerful tradition, and you have scrapped it so beautifully! Aren't those just the most adorable photos? Great job on the swap!

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