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Wild Child

I did this last week for homework in Anna's layer masks class.

I "had" to run to the boutique for Valerie's Op Art 1 template to help me finish off this layout. :)


Supplies used:

VRA SS Transparency Overlays: Op Art 1

DEB Altered Art,

EHI Bursts Brush Set,

BMU Mossy,

BHA Stylize,

BMU Ephemera,

MRE Well Loved,

MRE Magnetic Poetry

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WOW!! I love it. I am assuming you did the blur with the layer mask...??? Looks very cool!! :toot:


Thanks. :)

Blurred it then "erased" parts of the blur with the layers mask.

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Such a cool effect, Char! Thanks for sharing what you're learning with us! :) And you did a great job, as usual, on the rest of the LO, too.

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