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Joshua' Short Story

Joshua' Short Story

One of my best moments last year was seeing my son's short story in print.

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As a writer, I know how scary it is to put yourself out there, face repeated rejection, and know how much it takes to follow your dreams. Iím really proud of you for having the tenacity and belief in yourself to pursue your passions and dreams.
I remember when you were taking the online writing class your freshman year and heard about an editor who wanted short stories submitted. You worked on it laboriously and wrote and rewrote. When you finally submitted it, you were nervous for a month. Then, you forgot about it. About a year later, you finally received an acceptance letter. The book was released last year. Iíve never been more proud of you when I saw your pen name in print last year. It was a testament of who you are as a person and a writer. Iím proud of you, son!
Love, Mom

    That is such a cool page! I love it. You still got girl...now just keep it from getting rusty! :)
    I like this! Great job and Whoo hooo for Joshua!
    Great start at getting out of a scrapping slump! This is a great layout and I love your journaling!
    What a really awesome story!! Glad it got you out of your slump for now...I had a several month slump earlier this year, so I feel your pain. Not even sure what got me out of it, but this layout looks like a great start for you!
    This is Fantastic! I love how you made this special for your son and are accolading his accomplishments! TFS with us your proudest moment as a mom!
    Excellent! Joshua will be so happy that you documented this for him. You did a great layout to get you "back on the wagon"! LOL
    Good for you! Way to get it on "digital" paper. And congrats to you and your DH for this fine accomplishment. Can't wait to see what you do next.