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Christmas Eve 2008 Left

Christmas Eve 2008 Left

I actually sat up the tripod Christmas Eve and snapped some pics of us.
(Do you ever use your supplies and think to yourself "This is probably not what they had in mind..."?)
Thanks for looking!

Supplies used all from Scrap Girls:
Brandy Murry's "With Love" Collection
Syndee Nuckle's "Yesteryear" Collection
Brandy Murry's "Tiny Dangle Frames"
Brandy Murry's "Holiday Lights" Collection
Brandy Murry's "Ephemera" Collection
Cheryl Barber's ScrapSimple Styles: Glitter 4101

    Great job! I love the unexpected aspects of your layout and I think the designers will, too! This is so festive and fun!
    This design pulls your eye right to the photo. Pretty, too.
    Gorgeous and what a beautiful Family!
    Wow...With Love looks good with Christmas..Who knew???? I guess it takes a creative mind like yours! :wub:
    Very pretty LO. Until I read what you wrote in the comments, I didn't notice the "valentine" aspect of the hearts. I think it works perfectly. There's a lot of love around at Christmas.
    I love this!!!!!
    Love and Christmas, makes sense to me!!

    Beautiful layout.