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"Courtesy of a ScrapGirl" - Tailgating challenge

The journaling reads:


Courtesy of a ScrapGirl - Fun & Excitement at our house!


Shortly after the New Year, a

package arrived at our house,

here in Brazil. It was from

StephRN, one of the wonderful

friends I’ve made at ScrapGirls!

The kids reveled in their new toys,

and we had SKITTLES for dessert

that night! YUM!


Thank you, Steph!


There were other things in the package, too; but I could only cram so many pictures onto this page!!!! :P I hope this shows you, Steph, a little of the joy you brought to our family. Thank you!

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Wow, what a great layout and what a great story! Great extraction on your son's photo. Their faces just beam with excitement.

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WOW! What a blessing! To see how much we care for each other and to share in this...has brought tears to my eyes! You ROCK Stephanie and You are special Cynthia! Thank you for sharing such a blessed moment!

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What a fantastic gift!! There are no strangers here at Scrap Girls, only friends you haven't met yet!

I love those bouncy balls, I found some for my kids and they bounce all over the house on them!

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What a wonderful story.Your lovely layout shows the happiness that Stephs generous gift brought to them all.This place has some tremendous people

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How absolutely amazingly awesome is this??? So fun! I'll bet your kids were just bouncing with joy & excitement -- it looks like they had a great time with the package. WTG, Steph! I'm so glad you shared this, Cynthia!

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