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Corn and Clam Chowder

Corn and Clam Chowder

This recipe came from the Frugal Gourmet cookbook

I've been making it for a long time & I still love it

    This sounds like it's a tried and true recipe if you've been making it for years. I've never made clam chowder, but I've always wanted to try, so now I have no excuses! I used to watch the frugal gourmet years ago on tv when my kids were little. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Your card is sweet too.
    oh yum! one of my favorites, and now thanks to you i have a recipe!! (or will soon.. lol) Love the coloring and the curvy orange! Very nice.

    This sounds yummy. The only clam chowder I had was growing up fresh dug clams when we were camping. So I'll have to give this a try!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe. It sounds so good! I love the colors and the white back ground!
    This is a lot different than my regular clam chowder recipe, but it sounds yummy and really easy! Pretty card!