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I've been so frustrated with not being able to come up with good layouts, I want mine to look as good as the designers, but I'm not really all that artistic. So I "scraplifted" and copied a layout that used the kit I wanted to use. The flowers don't really go with the whole boy-motorcycle theme, but I like the colors and it turned out way better than the one I did completely on my own. At least, when I shrunk it down to the size of a stamp it looked okay, and I think I read somewhere on these boards that that was a good way to check your finished layout.

The original layout I used for inspiration is at Moments, by Angie Briggs

I used the SG Old Friends Kit.

    Beautiful job - I love the clustering and the tattered mat.
    Sometimes you just need some inspiration! I think you have done a wonderful job here, and I think the flowers are a nice contrast to the motorcycle picture.
    Looks great! Scraplifting is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. You've done a great job on this page!
    Oh my gosh, thanks for all the encouragement! :)
    I tlooks great ... I think the flowers go very well..it gives it an artistic feeling. I know it's frustrating sometimes coming up with a LO and it seems like everyone else's looks better than yours...but one day I was looking through the gallery and I saw someone's signature .... I don't know who it was sorry ....but it said something like to be creative you have to let go of the fear of being wrong ... and I thounght of that and it made e feel much better about my LO and much more confident ....I entered in the Feb contest ... I know I won't win...but I feel really good about what I created. One day someone (won't say names) :) might scraplift your LO.
    I know this LO is over a year old, but I am only looking at it now. I love it. My daughter wont let me use flowers for the boys, but I can not see the reason why. Flowers always just finish off a LO. Really pretty.