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Card for Becca

Card for Becca

I'm just so saddened for you Becca!

Becca has never had a fresh, hot Krispy Kreme doughnut.

So sad.

You can learn more about it HERE.


TYO Air Mail,
SNU SS Paper - 4x6 On the Edge

    Oh, Char!!!!! I disappear for an hour to get clean, and come back to this! LOL....the girls want to know what's so funny, but gosh, if I even say the word "doughnut" I'll have chaos on my hands!

    Thanks for the card, sweetie! :)
    Beautiful card! Becca I am joining you in your misery! We don't have Krispy Kreme here either :(
    Char...you are officially giving Angela a run for The Nut title! LOL
    So cute and so funny (love that collection BTW... it's been Kaboodled!

    my condolences too, Becca.

    Char, you are IMPRESSIVE! You whipped out a card already this morning? Not only that, it's dang cute! WTG! ;)
    how funny, and what a cute card too!
    how funny, and what a cute card too!
    Char, this is great! And I, too, feel extremely sorry for Becca. As Zaz said we used to have Krispy Kreme stores in the Minneapolis area (one only about 5 miles from our place) but sadly they're gone now. I know that some Mom & Pop stores have good donuts but you have to be out and about by 6 or 7 am around Mpls to get a good one. KK's you can drop by when you see the HOT sign and they'll give you a free one! And they melt in your mouth so having only one is usually not an option!