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card for Zaz

card for Zaz

Zaz is sad about not having any cocoa in the house.

Trying to cheer her up.

More about that found HERE


EHI Make a Wish,
SNU SS Paper - 4x6 On the Edge,
EHI Emboss 5401

    Awwww, thank you! That was so sweet and completely unexpected! I guess you're my own not-so-secret sunshine! :D

    ~Zaz, the perkier
    Char, you're really whippin' these out! Impressive....cute AND speedy....oh, and hysterical!

    Awwwww! This is So Cute!
    ROFL great card!! Enjoy your hot chocolate Zaz!
    :rofl: :)
    I bet Zaz enjoys her hot chocolate! This was so thoughtful of you Char! :roll-on-floor-laughing:
    Aww, how sweet of you! What a great card. I'm sure Zaz will enjoy every sip!
    Wow! You are Quick! And so creative!!!
    How sweet and thoughtful!!!
    ...and I know Zaz was surprised by her beautiful Chocolate card which you did a great job designing just for her.