Get Well Soon

My sister-in-law had surgery yesterday to remove a tumor that was pressing on her spinal cord. They believe it's benign but are biopsying it anyway. She'll still probably have to have radiation therapy. So I sent her a little something to cheer her up!


This card used the Creative Spirit collection.

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What a great looking card and a thoughtful gesture too. Creative Spirit looks so alive here!



Thank you so much! I really admire your style in all of your layouts. You're one of my favorite designers, so it means a lot to me that you like my stuff! :dancing_penguin:

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This is so pretty.

I pray all goes well with your sister-in-law.



Thank you for your prayers. From your lips to God's ears!

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I kinda had to chuckle when I saw the Sea Lion resting...I love your card! Its definitely gonna cheer your sister in law up! And I'll also be praying :)

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Guest Sara Arell

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So, so cheerful! I just love the colors you used - this would cheer anyone up for sure! Beautiful work. TFS

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