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Micah at 3 weeks

Micah at 3 weeks

well i am kinda on a roll with these! we'll see how long i can keep up! i'm hoping that once my MIL comes to spend 2 weeks with us, i may be able to escape and have some day time computer time!!!!

this is micah at 3 weeks and i'll have the other page done hopefully before monday!

stuff used:
mandys fresh collection
scrapgirls loved and refreshed collections
tonya's layni alphas

tfl :dancingcow:

    CUTIE! I like the 4 pictures of him in a grid. And those assorted alphas. :D
    awww...these are some photos i haven't seen there so cute! Love the name!!
    Sweet!!! Great choices of elements -- I really like the way you did his name.
    So tiny, so cute!
    I like the layout of the four pictures like that and the different fonts for his name.