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birthday card



birthday card

This card was for my husbandís recent birthday, prepared using PSE7 . For the rusty grid I deleted much of the background and used a bevel to make the pattern stand out. The Indian tile on the back of the card a design that is one of my favourites, courtesy of Jan Hicks.

Brandy Hackmanís Stylize_12x12_GreenTexturized.jpg
Brandy Hackmanís 12x12_RedDiagonalGrid.jpg
Durin Eberhartís Fiona_Emb_Corner_Teal.png
Durin Eberhartís Fiona_Emb_Corner_Green.png
Cheryl Barberís SSTools_PauaShell
Jan Hicksí SS_EmbTmplt_IndianTiles_Brush_Special.png copy

    This is Gorgeous! I love how you did the grid and then the corners to make it look like it was put on top of the card and can be taken out. Gorgeous!