Getting the Tree

I love this kit - A Joyful Season. I bought it and then over Christmas I had trouble with a new computer, old backups, and being way too busy. Somehow or another, I messed things up and when I went to use the kit, it wasn't there!


One of the things I really like about scrapgirls is that you can let them know you're having a problem and they do whatever they can to fix it. In my case, this meant letting me re-download my expired purchase. You really can't ask for better customer service! I keep a copy of everything on a CD or DVD and in a backup hard drive, I'm really fanatic about backing up my stuff and still mistakes happen.


I fiddled and fiddled with the charms on the hooks and the shadow behind them. There are times I really wish I had CS, but really, I'd drive myself crazy with being too perfectionistic.


I love the way the paper curl turned out and the torn paper element that I put the title on.

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I really like your paper curl as well. The Lo looks great. Just a word of warning if you had CS3 you would be even more fiddly because there are so many options and things that you can do. this isn't to make you wish you had CS3 it is to make you feel better that you haven't got it!! :disappearing-smilie:

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That's exactly what I figured! It takes me something like a week to do one layout as it is, plus it's so expensive!

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