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My Teddy Bear


This photo was taken on our cruise. When we were out of our cabin, our beds were made up and the steward placed DD's teddy bears on the bed (she's 20, but she still likes her teddies, lol). We returned one evening and DH plopped down on the bed and he looked so cute with the teddies, I had to take a picture.


I tried to "write" the word teddy bear with the embroidery stitches. I think I need more practice. Can't believe I got this done BEFORE the chat.


Club items:

Angie Briggs SS Paper Templates Off the Wall and Off the Wall Torn

Shalae Tippets Dymamic Brush Embroidered Stitches 4901

Shalae Tippets SS Word Art Here and Now


Non-club items:

Angie Briggs Day to Day Life Collection

Angie Briggs His and Hers Collection

Melissa Renfroe SS Embellishment Templates Bows

Valerie Randall Hardware Collection Biggie (Heart Brad)

Cheryl Barber SS Styles Stitching and Holes 4101

Sarah Batorf ScrapSimple Styles Basic Shadow 6501

Ariadna Wiczling ScrapSimple Styles Blended 8201

Recommended Comments

Kudos for getting the LO done before the chat!


I love love love this page. The white space, the cute photo of your dh, the stitched circles and the word art is all so wonderful. I like the way you wrote teddy bear with the stitching--it gives the LO a unique, authentic touch.

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