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WW Vegetable Soup

You should also know that I've never been a big veggie soup fan and definitely not a cooked cabbage kind of girl, but I love this soup! This is my favorite healthy recipe. It is loaded with vegetables (got to get those servings in), it tastes great and if you are trying to lose weight with Weight Watchers it is 0 points. Yes that is zero points! Bon Appetit!!

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What a cute card. I really like the colors you used together. The soup sounds good although I'll have to leave the oregano out. I'm allergic to it big time. So is my daughter. I'll definately try this though.

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WOW I love this! I would enjoy something like this....and maybe my daughter would too seeing as she is 12 weeks along and not so much a meat eater but a carb eater for some reason.

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