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I have always loved this photo of my mother. The original was scratched, cracked, torn and dirty. I restored it to its former state and I have been able to scrapbook it as a result. She is sitting with her back to the camera as it would have been considered unseemly to show that she was carrying my unborn older sister at the time.

I used PSE 07 to create the lo and one of the techniques I used was to copy the base photo and treat the second layer with the coloured pencil effect with the opacity then scaled back to 50 on both pictures to show the scalloped paper through. I then used control G on both of these to have the layers grouped with the scalloped paper.

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    that's a beautiful sophisticated subtle page, you have done a wow job on restoring the photo. Thank you for telling us about the background to the phto too.
    how lovely - you have really captured the 30's feel of the picture - I love the story behind her having her back to the camera
    I think she would have been very proud and happy to see what you have done with this treasured photo
    Amazing what you have done with this photo. So wonderful to give it another 100 years in the form of a layout. What a wonderful layout! This is just so original and creative. She is beautiful and your layout is perfect to show how beautiful she is. Nicely done.
    Just beautiful, I love the way you have done the faded photo background. I think the pose is lovely and love you telling the story behind it.
    Just gorgeous -- loved the back story of your restoration and why the photo was posed as it was. And every detail is perfect, down to the art deco type font. This one's going to my favorites. TFS!
    This is so pretty.
    It's lovely in its serenity. I love the perfect delicate flowers you placed and each little detail.
    Great job!
    nothing else needs to be said than:BEAUTIFUL!
    Absolutely Fabulous. What a gorgeous photo of your Mother. I love how you used the photo as the background and then added a smaller version to the layout. Love the flower embellishment and the background story is just wonderful. Isn't it amazing that in 1936 it was considered unseemly to show yourself being 'with child'. Now showing your stomach in public, uncovered, is considered okay(?). Amazing!

    Anyway, love, love, love your layout.
    Very lovely page. Your mother is so beautiful and your page makes her more so. Love the story. Your choice of frame accent and font are exceptional! Thanks for sharing.

    Your layout is absolutely beautiful. You have captured the era perfectly with your embellishments and fonts. Wonderful job with the photo restoration.