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I love so many things about Sydnee's Collage Unleashed collection! I think I may have a thing for birds :D :D

Journaling reads:
I really should get a picture of you texting. Becasue that is your favorite way of communicating. You
are a lot like me, not much of a chatty-Kathy but this texting has added a whole new dimension in your

Thanks for looking,

*Credits in details

    Very pretty colors, I like the tags on the wire and the frame tipped under the photo!
    Pretty colors! She's beautiful. I like how you've hung the tags, and the layers of paper and frame behind your photo add a feel of dimension. Great job!
    This caught my eye. I love your colors, the frame behind the photo, and what you did with those tags! That is really neat.
    WOW Eden! I love the metallic circle and the tags hanging from it. I agree with you on the birds!
    Cool page. I too like the shadowed tags...realism at it's best. Great job, Eden.